An Economical Flight With A Great Baggage Allowance: Air Astana Review (Saint Petersburg, Russia to Delhi, India)

All the students studying abroad are as eager as me to return home as they hit that send button on their final assignment or write the final answer on their paper.My first semester in Saint-Petersburg,

All the students studying abroad are as eager as me to return home as they hit that send button on their final assignment or write the final answer on their paper.My first semester in Saint-Petersburg, Russia had been a blissful one and I had grown to love the city and all the snow in it!

But hailing from a tropical country like India, the Russian winters got really harsh in the months of January and February for me, with temperatures falling down to -20° C.

That’s when I decided to fly back home for my winter holidays instead of staying back in Saint Petersburg.

As students, we aren’t loaded with money that we can end up splurging on our flight tickets and I needed a ticket that I could pay for with my savings and also have great baggage allowance.

That’s when I stumbled across the Air Astana flight operating between Saint Petersburg, Russia (LED) to Delhi, India (DEL). This flight is run by Air Astana under their, visit the colorful city of Delhi offer. This flight cost me Rs. 15,599 and came with a great baggage allowance (40kgs {checked in} + 7kgs {cabin}).

The two primary reasons I chose to mention the baggage allowance, the first one being the lack of information on Skyscanner at the time I was booking my ticket about the baggage allowance but the website of Air Astana had all these details.

The second reason being, a lot of Indian students study in Russia and need to take home a lot of luggage post their study period and this flight could be a great option for them as its far cheaper than Aeroflot!

Now coming to the in-flight experience, first of all I am not paid by Air Astana to write this review and that’s why its as real as it gets!

I was booked on flight number KC 136 from Saint Petersburg, Russia to Almaty, Kazakhstan which was scheduled for 8:45 pm but was delayed by an hour and a half due to some technical issues. However, I made it on time to Almaty for my connection to Delhi, India on flight KC 907 which was scheduled for 7:30 am the following day!

We were welcomed on-board by cheerful hostesses who handed out some citrus candies to us as we got into our seats. I flew economy and the seats were really plush and comfortable for an economy ticket!

Each seat had a bag that contained an eye mask, a pair of socks, earphones, ear-plugs, brush, toothpaste, pocket-comb, blowup neck-rest, hand cream and a pen (that’s a lot of stuff for an economy ticket).

Each passenger then got handed a hot towel to freshen up followed by a box of made in Kazakhstan assorted chocolates.

We were then served some beverages like coffee, tea, coke, red wine, white wine etc. The hostesses then went on to serve us a scrumptious warm meal, which consisted of chicken and veggies in pepper sauce,a feta cheese salad, fruit salad and some cheese and a bun! I was served two meals during the course of my journey since I had an overnight connection but due to the low neon lights during the night flight I couldn’t capture the dinner!

The breakfast was hearty and I slept peacefully in my comfortable seat right after!

It was my first time travelling on an Air Astana flight, and trust me I didn’t expect the service to be so good for such a great price but according to me they happen to be one of the best in Eurasia!

A lot of people I came across said that Air Astana wouldn’t be their first choice since they haven’t heard of it much, and there are barely any reviews about this wonderful airline on the internet, which prodded me to go ahead and try it first hand and write a review for all my fellow travelers!

I would definitely recommend Air Astana because they provide a smooth and comfortable travel on a budget!

If you want me to review some more airlines then please drop it in the comment section below!

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